Snaidero Board Kitchen

In line with the passage of time, human civilization is also changing. Human way of life is changing. Only to be expected that the new design solutions are needed that better suit our needs. To respond that, a designer named Pietro Arosio who cooperate with Snaidero (The Italian kitchen manufacturer) managed to create a Board Kitchen as a solution that is more accessible to design, adjust the purchase, and inhabit. This Snaidero Board Kitchen.

The Snaidero Board Kitchen offers increased functionality and comfort while creating an aesthetic and structural effects of light. Thanks to an independent structure, which extends from the storage, users can enjoy complete freedom of movement when preparing and cooking a meal while using the operating zone of the two can work in parallel.

Everyone has different tastes. To respond that, Pietro Arosio created Snaidero Kitchen Board in two different sizes, 90 cm and 120 cm. The small version of this Kitchen Board is the ideal solution for a studio apartment or bachelor apartment, while the larger operating units offer the additional advantage of an innovative system of dynamic cut block, which is designed to slide along the rails depending on whether the work surface is needed or not. Snaidero Kitchen Board equipped for food preparation, cooking and cleaning cooking equipment.